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Welcome future BROW BOSSES!!

Thank you for your interest in Brows Embroidered Academy, established by talented and renowned Bay Area Eyebrow Microblading Specialist Shawna Gaitan. Brows Embroidered has teamed up with Majestic Esthetics to offer our students "Microblade + Shade" course which is designed to teach our students the best theoretical and practical knowledge needed to be successful in the world of Microblading. Our Strokes and Shading course is a fun, yet extensive 3 day training course covering the fundamentals of Microblading, a popular service that is quickly taking over the beauty industry like no other!



During our comprehensive course, we teach you the main fundamentals of Microblading and Manual Shading, in order for your future clients brows to look as natural possible. We also teach the business aspect of the equations, which you will need to be successful in your new venture. It’s exciting, but takes a ton of work and personal commitment! But once an owner of your own business, you make the business hours and your dates of work. You won’t have to be at the mercy of a boss anymore.


Cosmetologists, make-up artists, lash technicians, stylists, estheticians, makeup gurus and tattoo artists with knowledge of cosmetic application, facial structures and features of all different shapes and sizes, are encouraged to register! ​No experience necessary.

Course Overview: ​


Skin Anatomy


Color Theory & Pigments






Safety Protocols


Proper Sanitation/Sterilization Practices (Hygiene Standards)


BBP (Blood Borne Pathogen)




Microblading Needles/Supplies


Hair Stroke and Technique


Eyebrow Mapping and Symmetry


Three-Point Stretch


Procedure/ Work Preparation


Before/After Procedure


Aftercare Instructions


Regulations & Insurance


How to obtain City/County Permits/Certification


Client Conversation, Customer Service


Marketing and Promotions to Grow your Business

What’s Included:


Starter Kit Includes- Manual Disposable Microblade Tools and Manual Shaders 

Pigment Cups/Rings, Mapping and Symmetry Caliper, Practice  Latex Skins 

Pigment, Brow Pencils, Brow Razors, Pencil Sharpening Blade Tool, and More.


Microblading Fundamentals for Beginners Manual


BBP Certification

Tattoo Body Art Permit


Live Model Demonstration & Practice


Clean, Licensed and Permitted Facility


Professional Training Environment


Certification of Completion


6 Months Phone/Email Support

Terms And Conditions For All Students:


Please Note: You are signing up for an instruction course with high standards, thus your practice and serious attention to detail is required.

Cancellation Policy


- No Refunds are Allowed.

- We only reserve space for serious participants, who are completely confident in their decision to participate in our training course.

- Your payment and registration is valid only for the date and time that you registered for, as indicated on the invoice.

- Any changes made to your training dates, by you (the student), will incur a fee of 20% of the total course fee.


- You are only allowed to change the date (with above fee assessed), if it is more than one month prior to the date of your class, with a valid reason for said change.


- If you need to change your training dates, you will be provided with the next available dates to choose from (on our calendar). Additional fees may apply.


- If you haven’t submitted to us your Blood Borne Pathogen Training Certification and Solano County Tattoo Practitioner Permit, at least 2 weeks before the class, you will automatically be moved to the next class session date/time and will incur a 20% rescheduling fee. Any separate expenses that you may incur such as hotel lodging, air travel, uber/car rental, parking/bridge tolls, food, etc., are entirely your responsibility.

General Rules


- You are attending Brows Embroidered Academy on your professional behalf.


- Training fees and Starter Kits are Non-Refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS!


- You understand and agree that during training, you will be provided with the fundamental knowledge in the field of Microblading and Manual Shading, a skill you must hone, by practicing individually for at least 6 months after training.


- You understand and agree that in order to keep your clients safe and satisfied, you will not be able to perform permanent make-up treatments immediately upon finishing your training.


- Further, you agree that you must follow the individual practice rules (practice on paper and artificial skin) before practicing on human skin.


- An additional agreement will be sent to you separately after registration is complete. The agreement must be signed and sent back fully completed, along with a copy of your driver’s license or government issued ID.




Prior to the class -


In order to perform your practice on a live model, for purposes of completing your training, you must:


- Complete Blood Borne Pathogens Course and provide a Certificate at least 14 days prior to your training dates/times. This requirement is valid for all states and countries. To be directed to the approved Blood Borne Pathogens Training Site, CLICK HERE.


- Get a tattoo license (body art permit) for Solano County (where training is taking place) Body art permit must be sent to, at least 14 days prior to your training date. You must also have your permit on the day of class. This requirement is valid according to California’s State rules (California, being the state in which our training is held). CLICK HERE – This link will direct you to the website page for Solano County Health Department, which governs tattoo/body art permit applications. ​


- For your safety and that of clients, it is recommended that you get your Hepatitis B Vaccine but is NOT mandatory. The option to DECLINE  the Hepatitis B Vaccine is accepted by completing a "Hepatitis B Vaccination Declination Statement" form. CLICK HERE to obtain that form to submit with your practitioner application.

Post Training

In order to practice on models after the training, you must:

- Have a completed a Blood Borne Pathogens Course and provide a Certificate. This requirement is valid for all states and countries. 

- Get a tattoo license (body art permit) for the state and/or county you will be practicing or working in. This requirement is valid according to California’s State rules.

- Work in a health department inspected, licensed and permitted facility or get tattoo facility permit for a facility of your own. 

- Obtain insurance and license for your business. Valid for all counties.





Brows Embroidered is proud to provide you with all the fundamental knowledge that you will need to successfully complete your training as a Microblading Artist, however; your achievements and results (during and after training) solely depend on your dedication and practice spent improving your skills.

Day 1 of our Course is a 2 week at home study where you will begin your pre-study from the Microblade + Shade Workbook along with worksheets, quizzes and zoom meets to recap on at home study.


Live Model Demonstration is provided and Live Model practice is available as well, only if an existing tattoo permit is provided and brought to training sessions and Blood Borne Pathogens Training and Certification are fully completed.


Brows Embroidered has a database of models, however we do not guarantee providing a model for you, hence you are required to provide your own model.

You Understand & Agree That


- Microblading and all Permanent Make-Up training is a long-term learning process that consists of intensive practice. Such is a long-term practice without models (on paper and artificial skin) for a minimum of 6 months after your training. You will not be able to perform individual practice on models directly after training, it is required that your practice takes place for a minimum of 6 months after training completion. During your training, you will get the fundamental knowledge, which you must improve day by day, after your training is complete in order to perform individual practice on a live model and clients. ​If you have any questions, please email us at



Age Restrictions:


- All students must be 18 years of age, or older to register.  There will be no exceptions. 

If you have any questions, please email us at

  • What will I learn from this course?
    In this fun, yet intense course, you will learn everything you need to know to create the most natural looking brows possible. We teach theory, practical, pre-mapping and measurements, strokes and technique, eyebrow structure, terminology, certification, permitting process and more!
  • How long is the course?
    Our Microblading and Shading course is designed to teach everything you need in a 3 day course, so that you can continue to work on your strokes practice. We believe that in this industry of art, yes education is the foundation and is very important knowledge to have, however in order to be a talented and successful artist, practice of stroke pattern is everything, one of the most important!
  • Should I come by myself?
    Our training course is for those who have registered, paid all applicable fees and completed the pre-reqs needed to become a permanent makeup artist. We do not allow anyone other than the students to attend our trainings. If you have children, please arrange to appropriate childcare in advance, prior to training. Sisters, brothers, cousins, friends and spouses are not allowed to attend with, unless they have registered, paid all applicable fees and have completed pre-reqs as a BE student.
  • What if I miss a day?
    Due to the limited amount of time and training dates available, there are no "makeup days" offered currently. If you miss a day or any parts of the training, you will not recieve your certificate of completion. There are no refunds as well.
  • Why is my Booking Deposit Non-Refundable?
    Seats are limited at BE Academy, your deposit guarantees your spot in the training course. When seats are full for a class, we no longer accept registration for that particular class. Since the class is full, we turn down students interested, if you no show or cancel your training plans, your deposit or any fees paid upfront, are Non-Refundable.
  • Do I need to be a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician?
    In the State of California, Eyebrow Microblading falls under the Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Category which requires training and certification under this catergory only. Therefore; you do not need certifications or trainings outside of this.
  • Will I get to practice on a live person?
    Not every student will get to practice on a live person, stroke pattern must be approved by BE instructor, pre-reqs such as Blood Borne Pathogen Certification, Tattoo/Body Art Permit recieved and Hepatitus B vaccine must be all met prior to training.


- Cost of course is $2,900 -

- A $500 reservation deposit is required to register for course -
Proceed with registration form below to complete booking deposit via credit card/debit (2.99% fee applied at checkout) To save the fee, you can Zelle your deposit.



- All Deposits are Non-Refundable -

- Remaining Balance Due No Later than 2 Weeks Prior to In-Person Start Dates and Before Pre-Study begins and Workbook is sent out to you -

- Register below by filling out the registration form - 

- You will be directed to deposit payment page -  

- Questions? Call 707.853.5385 or Email us at -


DAY 2-3  (IN PERSON) BEGINS SAT 3/30 - SUN 3/31


© 2016 by Brows Embroidered. All Rights Reserved.

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